Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 4 (Part II)

day 4 part 2 let’s go!

so in case you need help locating Mikkeller:

walk all the way down Sukhumvit 63 and don’t give up (haha). you’ll pass by Big C on the right, and come to a junction where Health Land is. turn right.


Big C Supermarket.


Health Land Ekkamai.   

continue on for a bit and you’ll spot this sign (the small green one). it’s like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert. keep going. 

turn right after this power box. 

turn left. 



felt a bit awkward when I first entered the bar area, but I soon started talking to Tao who let me try a couple of beers. 

first up was Black Ink and Blood (le brother’s suggestion; an imperial stout with raspberries, much nicer than I imagined), followed by Texas Ranger (Tao’s personal favourite), and Tool by Udder Means Stout (too hoppy for my liking).


decided on the Texas Ranger since I was alone and I didn’t want to risk the 16.5% Black Ink. 


went round the side/back to The Tasting Room, which is pretty much their bottle shop, and chatted quite a bit with Taey who’s been to the past 2 Beerfests in Singapore. and he really loves laksa. he also runs Team Alpha Brewing, as well as a beer journal called BeerBeast Society with a friend (it’s in Thai though). 


picked up Daydream and Nelson for le brother. Taey was pretty sure that these aren’t available in SG just yet. I sure hope so!

would’ve gone for the Three Floyds Dreadnaught (1,500 baht!! not available outside of the Three Floyds brewpub in ‘Murica except here and some place in Japan), but I was worried that the bottle would break on the way back. if I get two, at least one will have a chance of surviving..right? here is a picture for memory’s sake though:

ended up spending way more time at Mikkeller than expected (left at 7ish), and I had to brisk walk the 1.6km out to Ekkamai BTS Station because I was supposed to meet Derek (my hallmate who happened to be in Bangkok at the same time) for dinner at 8pm, followed by Dalat Rot Fai (the supposed hipster night market).

everything worked out timing-wise, and we ate at Inter (Siam Square).  

550 baht for tomyam soup, chinese kale w/ crispy pork, basil minced pork, chinese style oyster omelette, rice, and drinks. that’s like, only SGD22 for two people. mind blown.

cabbed to Dalat Rot Fai (“very far”, the taxi drivers said. “350 baht, cannot use meter.”). ok lor. it really was a long ride there. and when we finally arrived….

hipster fail #2 


guys. the market is only open from 5pm to 1am on Thursdays to Sundays. I read someone’s blog post that said it’s open Tues-Sun, timings accurate as of February 2015. it’s only May. so much has changed??!! [update: Derek went back today (Thursday) and apparently 80% of the shops are closed by 11:30pm. best to go on weekends I guess.]

we had a jug of Chang at a random bar to make our trip there “worthwhile”. split pretty fast because there was crazy lightning going on. 

at least the return trip cabby switched on his meter. 189 baht to Sala Daeng BTS Station, FYI.

typed this at 1am (+7 GMT) as I lay in bed. check out is at noon but my flight’s at 8:45pm. let’s see what else I can discover tomorrow..

all photos shot and edited on the iPhone 5S (& VSCOcam).

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