Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 5 (kthxbai)

the separation anxiety was real on my last day. felt a small tug in my stomach when i surveyed my empty bed/shelf/locker.

actually thought that check out was at 10am, but Joy said it was at noon. I was done with packing before 10, and Katarzyna left shortly after – had a bit of an awkward goodbye, I agreed to go for lunch with Joy (had awkwardly declined an invite to dinner two nights ago), and so we hung around till just before noon (I was too hungry by then), deciding on the MBK food court at level 6.

we both had tomyam seafood noodles but the portion was pretty small. walked around so I could find freeze dried jackfruit and roasted pumpkin seeds for a friend (also ended up buying FIVE thai silk scarves in the process), then proceeded to Mango Tango for our second (and last) round of awesome-ness.

still had time to spare since we ordered the smaller scale dessert, so I suggested checking out the Gallery Drip cafe at BACC (my original morning plan). best decision ever.

the place was filled up so we sat at a table with some interesting cold drip machines.


I had an iced coffee with milk that was amazing (I’m no coffee snob but this was really smooth). also checked out the shops at the cultural centre (they sell super cool stuff) and observed some artists doing portraits of people.


this shop is called Happening. it is true to its name.

I really wanted this cat pin, but I figured that it wouldn’t get out that much. a picture would have to do.


I have to say that this was the true “hipster” experience for me, but alas we didn’t have much time to fully explore the place. Joy went off first (another awkward goodbye) but not before adding me on Facebook (something I should’ve done with Katarzyna too). would love to go back to BACC next time, especially for the coffee.

picked up my baggage from Lub.d at 4:15pm, repacked, and hauled everything to the BTS station. didn’t want to risk taking a cab with the soon-to-be peak traffic situation, but the train was mad crowded too. thankfully I had a seat from Sala Daeng onwards, and could pile my large bags on my lap to free up standing space for others.

the airport shuttle bus stop (A1) is really easy to locate at Mo Chit. there are signs at foot of the platform staircase telling you to take Exit 3. there’s also a metal post with ‘A1’ clearly indicated, and uniformed staff to usher people into the bus when it arrives.

my bus made it to Don Mueang airport in half an hour (right on time with no problems with traffic!). total travelling time (including the train & waiting time) was about an hour. mentally patted myself on the back for only spending a grand total of 72 baht instead of more on a potentially slow cab ride.

FYI: if you need to wrap your bags before checking them in, the wrapping station is at the other end of the terminal from the NokScoot check-in counter. 150 baht per piece regardless of size.

the whole check-in and immigration process was pretty fast, and I found myself with 2 hours to spare before boarding commenced.

grabbed some grub at Piri-Piri (their version of Nando’s) and was very tempted to get the McD’s parfait (THEY HAVE PANDAN STICKY RICE AND CORN TOPPINGS OKAY) but I controlled myself.


that was short lived though.

I’m convinced that Thai women are especially skilled in the art of hair braiding.

picked up a matcha latte from Black Canyon Coffee because I felt restless, and observed a bunch of mainland chinese passengers arguing. die la, they were gonna be on my flight. and as “luck” would have it, my seat was in the row right in front of them. thank God that they were silent throughout the entire flight though. *emoji praying hands*

I have to make special mention of the male Scootee making the announcements. he is the first Singaporean flight attendant I’ve encountered who doesn’t speak with weird diction; he was articulate and fluent in both English and Mandarin. props, bro.

I feel stupid for only reading the in-flight magazine on the return flight as there was a feature on the Bangkok music scene, but that just gives me a reason to go back in the near future.

  thanks Bangkok, till next time!


all photos shot and edited on the iPhone 5S (& VSCOcam).

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