Chock Full of Gourmet Stops.

I proudly declare that I’m an East-sider. More specifically, Changi is mah ‘hood. I love how it’s so tranquil with the beach, boardwalk, chalets, and yet there are prisons, air bases, military training grounds, and a replica of a big ass WWII gun (the Johore Battery)….not to forget friggin’ Old Changi Hospital that gives me … Continue reading

Festive Baking: Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.

I baked! (and i’m finally blogging again) Got infected with the festive spirit and went on a gift-buying, cooking-baking rampage in the week leading up to Christmas. Will probably do a post-Christmas gift guide after this (fingers crossed that it’ll happen), but for now, here is the story of my festive baking. Instagrammed this on … Continue reading

About The June Header.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday on the first of this month, and this header is totally appropriate because they’re the strawberries I cut to go on the cheesecake my mum made for her. Long sentence. Here are all the strawberries: And here is the finished cake! (it was really awesome, by the way. mum rocks!)

2011 Roundup.

At first I was going to do a post on all the awesome things this past year, but my memory is terrible when it comes to periods of time, and I’m better off doing a review of some of the things I raved about in previous posts or….have not. Super text-heavy. Here goes — FASHION/BEAUTY … Continue reading

The “4 Days To Christmas” Gift Guide.

Here I am to offer my blunt two cents’ worth on what to buy someone for Christmas, especially if you’ve only got a few days left to do so. Chop, chop! Girls 1. Sephora anything. The Urban Decay Naked Palette ($78 at Sephora) has practically attained Holy Grail status among make up junkies. There’s also … Continue reading

OOTD: Russian Circles.

Russian Circles, literally. Here’s what I wore to work today (or rather, yesterday). Russian Circles band tee, H&M necklace, Pull and Bear ankle boots, Forever 21 cross connector ring, Accessorize ring. Second day with the Urban Decay Naked palette. You can’t see the eye make up very clearly here, but I’m happy to report that … Continue reading

About The November Header.

I realize I’m 11 days late in changing the header image, but here it is! This is the candy dispenser that one of the media owners gave to my company and it sits on the pantry’s bar counter/shelf/whachamacallit. As my seat is right next to the pantry, I see this everytime I turn my head … Continue reading

Sticky Summer Lovin’.

I brought Q to the Sticky candy shop at The Central (Clarke Quay) a couple of days ago. Our conversation on MSN somehow shifted to the topic of this wonderful brand, and I was surprised that Q hadn’t heard of it before! I first came across Sticky candies at the I Have Designs On You … Continue reading

Orchard Café Buffet.

Went for a buffet dinner at Orchard Café last night with Q and his family (sans the brother who is serving the nation). They had a decent selection of food, and I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary until we discovered the “kitchen” where a chef prepared satay and, get this, drunken … Continue reading


Q brought me to Itacho Sushi at ION Orchard today after he bought his Shinnorie iPad bag from Cumulus at Wheelock Place. We’ve been there once before, and the queue is always very long at dinnertime. So worth the wait (and money) though.

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