Lomography Travelogue: Bangkok, July 2012

Before I embark on my next holiday next weekend (HK woohoo!), here’s a post of my second trip to Bangkok ever. I went there once as a 14 year old and didn’t have much fun (unfortunately). This second trip with my best friend from primary school proved to be much better. We played it safe … Continue reading

An Evening With Steve Vai.

That Steve Vai, what a nice little boy an incredible musician. He was the first artist that I watched live in concert way back in 2004 (at the Suntec Convention Centre), all because my brother asked me to accompany him after his girlfriend at the time couldn’t go at the last minute. 10 years on and LAMC Productions … Continue reading

Fairyland In Reality.

Last night, I attended F.I.R.’s concert at the Max Pavilion. It was unreal. F.I.R. 光合之旅 – apparently it’s photosynthesis, where they are air, water, and light, and we are their growing sprouts. I used to be a huge fan of theirs when I was in secondary school and junior college. I had their debut album on … Continue reading

Lights Will Guide You Home.

I don’t normally post personal topics on this blog, but I’m doing so today under the guise of talking about music — a song, in particular. A friend once said “I don’t understand why in a world where Radiohead exists, that Coldplay should have any meaning whatsoever.” Well, as much as I’m not a fan … Continue reading

Too Early To Be November.

I was in HMV last week with no intention of buying CDs. I only went cos Q wanted to look at the new releases and whatnot as usual. After walking through the shelves, we came to a listening station near the T-shirts and Q picked up a CD and went “guess what genre they are?”. … Continue reading

Soundwave: Prelude.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I HAVE TICKETS TO SOUNDWAVE 2013!!!! It’s been a long time coming. Probably 2-3 years ago that I first heard of Soundwave, and year after year when I see the line-up, I just die. I missed out on Lostprophets and Stone Sour this year, but it’s okay. Cos next year in 2013, LINKIN PARK … Continue reading

Peter Katz.

I had the luck (and privilege) of catching Peter Katz‘s last set at this year’s Music Matters Live concert. He had played 4 other sets on the first 2 days of the conference. For this fifth one at the main stage, he came on right after Sixx and I don’t know how he felt then, … Continue reading

The “4 Days To Christmas” Gift Guide.

Here I am to offer my blunt two cents’ worth on what to buy someone for Christmas, especially if you’ve only got a few days left to do so. Chop, chop! Girls 1. Sephora anything. The Urban Decay Naked Palette ($78 at Sephora) has practically attained Holy Grail status among make up junkies. There’s also … Continue reading

One More For The Road.

Made it to Wake Me Up Music’s farewell-going-out-with-a-bang gig, day 2; the day that would only happen once in a lifetime with bands that had previously said their final goodbyes. Plainsunset / Pension State / Sky In Euphoria / My Squared Circle / Fishtank / Vertical Rush / Marchtwelve / Surreal Here’s some lousy iPhoneography/videography … Continue reading


Last night, I came across an old blog post by Mike Shinoda (1st October 2010) saying that he and Chester had recorded a radio station for iHeartRadio. I decided to check out the channel but didn’t expect anything to be playing. BUT I WAS WRONG. There was a show on, but I wasn’t sure at the … Continue reading

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