About the April’14 Header.

This is not an April Fools’ joke. I’ve actually blogged again after a 7 month hiatus. Read the entry here. So, about this month’s header. It’s a photo I snapped from my office window of the now-disused M-Park @ Club Street. It is (or was) a mechanized car park. Not sure why they’re dismantling it, but … Continue reading

Putting Myself Out There.

I decided to give blog reading sites a whirl. If you’re on either of these platforms, give me a shoutout! (and maybe a follow?) Follow my blog with Bloglovin

About the December’12 Header.

The year is coming to a close but I’ve changed the header anyway. This time, it’s a close up of a bunch of presents I wrapped for some friends. Which reminds me..that post-Christmas gift guide entry I’m supposed to write!!   Cheers & beers.

About the August Header.

I know we’re coming out of August and into September, but I still have to post this because… I freaking love my country. Here’s the full shot in all its national pride glory: Taken at the National Day Parade 2012. This is home, truly.

About The June Header.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday on the first of this month, and this header is totally appropriate because they’re the strawberries I cut to go on the cheesecake my mum made for her. Long sentence. Here are all the strawberries: And here is the finished cake! (it was really awesome, by the way. mum rocks!)

About The May Header.

I know I skipped April, but I didn’t blog then anyway so there’s that. ;) Almost half a year has gone by! May has proven to be a challenging month, all complicated like the structure in my header this time round. Things can only go up from here though. Ooh look at me being all … Continue reading

About the March Header.

Gone all film noir with this month’s header. It’s a close up of the rose I got on Valentines’ Day, not from Q, but from one of the vendors at work. Here it is in all its full glory. For those who were wondering, I used the Instagram picture enhancer function to make it more … Continue reading

About The February Header.

New header for February! I didn’t take many Instagram photos in the past month, but I got a nice one of the stars on my Topshop necklace. Here’s the original picture: Had to rotate it to make it suitable for the header dimensions. This is actually one super long chain with stars evenly spaced out … Continue reading

About The January Header.

It’s my adorable/naughty/insane/annoying cat Bee! Took this picture on New Years’ Day itself. Had to rattle my homemade chocolate in a container above her head so that she would look up. I love how photogenic she is. (:

About The December Header.

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. *fat* This month’s header is everything festive, Christmassy, and warm. It’s a shot of a bow and fairy lights on the office Christmas tree. Yes, people. We have a real, (once) live, Christmas tree. Be jealous – Decorating still in progress. Happy holidays, everyone. (:

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