Lomography Travelogue: A Series

It only just occurred to me that I take my film cameras almost everywhere I go (Golden Rule of Lomography #1) but I’ve never made it a point to share them on this blog. To avoid copping out on what I’m setting out to do, here’s a short preview on what to expect from future posts in this … Continue reading

About the April’14 Header.

This is not an April Fools’ joke. I’ve actually blogged again after a 7 month hiatus. Read the entry here. So, about this month’s header. It’s a photo I snapped from my office window of the now-disused M-Park @ Club Street. It is (or was) a mechanized car park. Not sure why they’re dismantling it, but … Continue reading

Letter from my Future Self.

hey Lyndsey, how’s it going? if I knew you any better (which I obviously do) you’d just shrug, give a strained expression on your face, and say, “ok, I guess”. at this point, the person asking will be slightly taken aback at the less-than-positive response but hey, you’re just being honest right? maybe it’s time … Continue reading

More Notes on DIY Ombré.

What I learnt after re-bleaching my hair on Saturday 27 July, exactly 3 months after the last round. oh by the way, this was the state of things on 5 June. i actually like this look the best. 1. If you’re going to section your hair off into 4 parts like I did, remember that … Continue reading

Chock Full of Gourmet Stops.

I proudly declare that I’m an East-sider. More specifically, Changi is mah ‘hood. I love how it’s so tranquil with the beach, boardwalk, chalets, and yet there are prisons, air bases, military training grounds, and a replica of a big ass WWII gun (the Johore Battery)….not to forget friggin’ Old Changi Hospital that gives me … Continue reading

Four Day Ombré.

After a long bout of leaving my hair be (i’m not really counting perming though i should), I decided it was time to take a huge step and….colour the ends. Now, I had been thinking about doing this for a long time but didn’t quite have the means to do it because semi-permanent hair colour … Continue reading

Fairyland In Reality.

Last night, I attended F.I.R.’s concert at the Max Pavilion. It was unreal. F.I.R. 光合之旅 – apparently it’s photosynthesis, where they are air, water, and light, and we are their growing sprouts. I used to be a huge fan of theirs when I was in secondary school and junior college. I had their debut album on … Continue reading

Putting Myself Out There.

I decided to give blog reading sites a whirl. If you’re on either of these platforms, give me a shoutout! (and maybe a follow?) Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Lights Will Guide You Home.

I don’t normally post personal topics on this blog, but I’m doing so today under the guise of talking about music — a song, in particular. A friend once said “I don’t understand why in a world where Radiohead exists, that Coldplay should have any meaning whatsoever.” Well, as much as I’m not a fan … Continue reading

About the December’12 Header.

The year is coming to a close but I’ve changed the header anyway. This time, it’s a close up of a bunch of presents I wrapped for some friends. Which reminds me..that post-Christmas gift guide entry I’m supposed to write!!   Cheers & beers.

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