Chock Full of Gourmet Stops.

I proudly declare that I’m an East-sider. More specifically, Changi is mah ‘hood. I love how it’s so tranquil with the beach, boardwalk, chalets, and yet there are prisons, air bases, military training grounds, and a replica of a big ass WWII gun (the Johore Battery)….not to forget friggin’ Old Changi Hospital that gives me … Continue reading

Mother’s Day at Bunker Bar.Bistro.Restaurant

My family and I celebrated Mother’s Day at a (relatively) new restaurant near our house. It’s called Bunker Bar.Bistro.Restaurant and it opened about 2 months ago at the Johore Battery. Changi is really quite far off for most people, but the place is acceptably pleasant, and its location is a huge plus point for us … Continue reading

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