About the December’12 Header.

The year is coming to a close but I’ve changed the header anyway. This time, it’s a close up of a bunch of presents I wrapped for some friends. Which reminds me..that post-Christmas gift guide entry I’m supposed to write!!   Cheers & beers.

Festive Baking: Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.

I baked! (and i’m finally blogging again) Got infected with the festive spirit and went on a gift-buying, cooking-baking rampage in the week leading up to Christmas. Will probably do a post-Christmas gift guide after this (fingers crossed that it’ll happen), but for now, here is the story of my festive baking. Instagrammed this on … Continue reading

The “4 Days To Christmas” Gift Guide.

Here I am to offer my blunt two cents’ worth on what to buy someone for Christmas, especially if you’ve only got a few days left to do so. Chop, chop! Girls 1. Sephora anything. The Urban Decay Naked Palette ($78 at Sephora) has practically attained Holy Grail status among make up junkies. There’s also … Continue reading

Let It Snow.

Happy holidays everyone (block leave starts next week whutwhuuut)! Here’s a quick update. Not sure when Google will stop this easter egg (hope it’s permanent), but if you type ‘let it snow’ in the Google search bar and hit SEARCH, you’ll be treated to a lovely Christmassy surprise! More on this here (from PC Mag). I … Continue reading

About The December Header.

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat. *fat* This month’s header is everything festive, Christmassy, and warm. It’s a shot of a bow and fairy lights on the office Christmas tree. Yes, people. We have a real, (once) live, Christmas tree. Be jealous – Decorating still in progress. Happy holidays, everyone. (:

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