2011 Roundup.

At first I was going to do a post on all the awesome things this past year, but my memory is terrible when it comes to periods of time, and I’m better off doing a review of some of the things I raved about in previous posts or….have not. Super text-heavy. Here goes — FASHION/BEAUTY … Continue reading

About The November Header.

I realize I’m 11 days late in changing the header image, but here it is! This is the candy dispenser that one of the media owners gave to my company and it sits on the pantry’s bar counter/shelf/whachamacallit. As my seat is right next to the pantry, I see this everytime I turn my head … Continue reading


I was browsing through the App Store in search of a decent photo collage app when I came across Pixlromatic. It’s somewhere in the Top Free Photo & Video category. Yes. It’s free. The description and screencaps looked decent enough so I decided to install it and see for myself. Here are some of my … Continue reading

About The September (and October) Header.

Once again, I have added a new “feature” to the blog, and that is the header image right at the top. I’ll try my best to change it every month to keep things fresh. It’s also a good way for me to get some use out of all those pictures I post on Instagram. This … Continue reading

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