Haul #3: Festive Spending Frenzy.

I spent a shit ton of money on a few good items in the past week. I am not ashamed! *shakes fist in air* It’s all because I finally sorted out my dressing table, and it looks pretty elegant (on one side), if I do say so myself. That led to me lemming for a … Continue reading


I’m currently loving Topshop’s Skin Tint which I bought last week. I don’t know if I can call it a tinted moisturizer, because there’s nothing on the packaging to suggest that it moisturizes. At the same time, its coverage is sheer – definitely not in the league of a foundation. So, what is it then? … Continue reading


Q brought me to Itacho Sushi at ION Orchard today after he bought his Shinnorie iPad bag from Cumulus at Wheelock Place. We’ve been there once before, and the queue is always very long at dinnertime. So worth the wait (and money) though.

Paradise On Earth.

Q and I went to Paradise Dynasty at ION Orchard yesterday to redeem our Groupon vouchers (we bought 2). After taking a queue number and wandering around for about 20 minutes (see previous post), we found ourselves seated in a very posh Shanghai-themed restaurant that hinted at expensive food. Don’t be fooled by its classy interior. … Continue reading

You Spin My Head Right Round.

The moment I walked into ThreeSixty Market Place at ION Orchard, I said to Q, “This is OCD land!!”

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