Painted Lady.

Look! A blog post! I have a backlog of stuff to write about again because I’m currently spending half of every weekday wracking my brains to write about stuff in order to make a living. By the time I get home, I’d rather read and watch content. Not create it. I’ve been on kind of … Continue reading

Rose Gold.

Following my rave about Topshop’s Skin Tint, I headed back to the store about 2 weeks ago and picked up their cream blush in Neon Rose, which is a bright coral pink (more of pink, though). It comes in the same cute packaging (butterfly not included).

Rubi Rubi Rubi Rubi.

Quick update! I just bought a bottle of Rubi nail polish from the Citylink Mall outlet on my way to the Esplanade for In Each Hand A Cutlass’s album launch gig (more on that in the next post). Anyway. Rubi was having a sale, and its polishes which normally go at $4.95 was only $2! … Continue reading

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