Search Terms, Part III.

Sooo..I can’t find this in my blog’s record of search terms anymore, but I tweeted about it the day I saw it so IT’S REAL: naked girl with nerf guns on 10 Jan 2012. Pretty sure it’s because I blogged about the Urban Decay Naked Palette and Nerf Guns in the same post, and some … Continue reading

Search Terms, Part II.

Second installment of the Search Terms Mini-Series! Let’s see what else you guys are searching for…. aarika lee 9 views, as of 20 Jan 2012. [edit: 10 views! missed out one for ‘aarika lee singer’] Aarik is the singer of Sixx. Again, if you’re a weird stalkerish fan you can follow her on twitter at … Continue reading

Search Terms, Part I.

I’ve decided to start a new mini-series of posts on my blog because some of the search terms people end up on my blog through are really too common (or too funny) not to mention. First in this series: love bonito / love bonito owners / where do love bonito get their clothes from / … Continue reading

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