OOTD: Triple Shot.

Triple outfit post! It’s getting pretty hard to get a good snapshot of my entire outfit nowadays since I don’t get to see Q as often in the daytime anymore. Lighting at night is horrible for taking photos on an iPhone, and I doubt I’ll be investing in a DSLR anytime soon. iPad before DSLR, … Continue reading


For want of a better title, I have decided to simply name it ‘Ivan’. Meet Ivan Tan, my junior from WKWSCI, the former roommate of my ex-boyfriend (freakish long story about this that I shall not tell), fellow Jon Chan fan, and possibly the best wedding photographer I have ever met. Wait. He doesn’t like … Continue reading

McQueen of Hearts.

My friend Aloysius posted this picture of a pair of McQueens on Instagram yesterday, and I was like, “cool!” Later that night, he tweeted “Back from this wedding. It was fun and I touched my first every pair of McQueens. Bride has really nice shoes!” and then I was like “waitwait. she wore those McQueens for her … Continue reading

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