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Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 5 (kthxbai)

the separation anxiety was real on my last day. felt a small tug in my stomach when i surveyed my empty bed/shelf/locker. actually thought that check out was at 10am, but Joy said it was at noon. I was done with packing before 10, and Katarzyna left shortly after – had a bit of an … Continue reading

Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 4 (Part II)

day 4 part 2 let’s go! so in case you need help locating Mikkeller: walk all the way down Sukhumvit 63 and don’t give up (haha). you’ll pass by Big C on the right, and come to a junction where Health Land is. turn right.    Big C Supermarket.    Health Land Ekkamai.    continue … Continue reading

Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 4 (Part I)

today was supposed to be a chill day, and for the most part it was. today was also the day I learnt that not only do I fail at being a hipster, I fail at being a cat lady too. hipster fail #1 had brunch at Roast (SeenSpace in Thong Lor but they’re moving soon). … Continue reading

Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 3

today = designated shopping day. had a quick brunch at the nearby cafe ‘A Journey’, then caught the BTS to Chit Lom station. if you really want to avoid as much sun exposure as possible (jokes), go up the stairs to Central World and continue along the airy walkway. you’ll still have to turn in … Continue reading

Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 2

I’m on a boat! spent my first proper day here exploring the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. I wasn’t too keen on it at first since I had visited when I was 10, but it didn’t matter as I couldn’t remember much of it (only the fact that my mum insisted I wear berms … Continue reading

Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 1 (Arrival)

[oh look, my last post was about Bangkok too!] less than 3 weeks back (30th April), the thought popped into my head that maybe I should revisit Bangkok. that same afternoon, I opened Scoot’s Labour Day eDM that said “Take a break from your boss!” and I was like OK!! so I booked a return … Continue reading

Lomography Travelogue: Bangkok, July 2012

Before I embark on my next holiday next weekend (HK woohoo!), here’s a post of my second trip to Bangkok ever. I went there once as a 14 year old and didn’t have much fun (unfortunately). This second trip with my best friend from primary school proved to be much better. We played it safe … Continue reading

An Evening With Steve Vai.

That Steve Vai, what a nice little boy an incredible musician. He was the first artist that I watched live in concert way back in 2004 (at the Suntec Convention Centre), all because my brother asked me to accompany him after his girlfriend at the time couldn’t go at the last minute. 10 years on and LAMC Productions … Continue reading

Lomography Travelogue: Tokyo, April 2012

The first post of this series naturally goes to my first holiday with a camera of the analogue kind. In fact, it happened exactly 2 years ago on this date — a whirlwind of a 3-day company incentive trip. Exciting times (which were hidden from the camera’s lens). I have to admit that the photos aren’t … Continue reading

I Wanna See Your Peacock.

Last December, I decided to get off my procrastinating arse and redo the colour in my already abused hair. Since the last update, I had rebleached it at the end of July to get the green remnants out and even toned it with silver toned bleach, but it just turned into a brassy orange colour … Continue reading

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