Lonerism: Bangkok, Day 4 (Part I)

today was supposed to be a chill day, and for the most part it was. today was also the day I learnt that not only do I fail at being a hipster, I fail at being a cat lady too.

hipster fail #1

had brunch at Roast (SeenSpace in Thong Lor but they’re moving soon). went via Soi Sukhumvit 53 and saw a bunch of cool places along the way.

Greyhound HQ.


Purr Cat Cafe Club! more on that later.


had a bit of difficulty finding SeenSpace as the soi it’s on goes by a different name on my map. had to backtrack a little because I thought it was on the next lane.

it’s a freaking Nihonmura VILLAGE.

the other side, aka the correct direction.


this Mr Jones is closed for renovation, btw.



corned beef hash with poached eggs.

can’t take a nice “brunch” photo for nuts. I even got the reading material wrong (only Murakami or Kinfolk allowed, according to @wlteo). the food and coffee made me feel better about myself though. spent close to 2 hours there trying to be as discreet as possible about my feigned hipsterdom.

after I left, I tried to kill more time since the cat cafe only opened at noon. J Avenue looked promising, but the only thing that interested me was the fact that Boots carried Soap & Glory products (we only get it at Sephora in Singapore), and I thiiink I saw @nunstyleblog’s boyfriend sitting outside with two dachshunds.

cat lady fail

headed back to Soi Sukhumvit 53 for the cat cafe.


it is here that affirmed my belief that cats do not like me. sounds crazy considering that I have 3 cats at home right? but no. there were cats lazing across everyone’s bags but mine.

wait. I take that back.

this one (Tidas, I believe; bow-legged and the first to let me sayang) was dreaming next to me, nose and paws a-twitching. ^^


guess I’m not that bad after all.

here are more pictures of the cats. I’ll probably need a flickr album for the rest.


stayed for 2.5 hours before catching the BTS one stop down to Ekkamai. killed about 1 hour in The Coffee Club since beer o’clock at Mikkeller starts at 5pm (but the bottle shop is open from noon. who knew?).

they boast free wifi. seriously, it’s mentioned everywhere.

more on Mikkeller and hipster fail #2 in Part II..

all photos shot and edited on the iPhone 5S (&VSCOcam).

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