About The November Header.

I realize I’m 11 days late in changing the header image, but here it is! This is the candy dispenser that one of the media owners gave to my company and it sits on the pantry’s bar counter/shelf/whachamacallit. As my seat is right next to the pantry, I see this everytime I turn my head … Continue reading

About The September (and October) Header.

Once again, I have added a new “feature” to the blog, and that is the header image right at the top. I’ll try my best to change it every month to keep things fresh. It’s also a good way for me to get some use out of all those pictures I post on Instagram. This … Continue reading


Goodbye DePo Masthead, and hello Structure. I changed the theme of this blog to make it a bit more reader-friendly. While DePo was pretty unique and had that cool magazine column kind of layout, it didn’t quite agree with my browser most of the time and the text after the jump would spill over the … Continue reading

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