Haul #2: The Body Shop.

The Body Shop fanatic strikes again. This time, at the sale held at Suntec Gallery West (17-20th August). I was expecting a crazy crowd and loads of products, like the sales that they have at the atrium of Plaza Singapura. As I went up the escalators, I saw people carrying white mid-sized plastic bags, big … Continue reading

Rose Gold.

Following my rave about Topshop’s Skin Tint, I headed back to the store about 2 weeks ago and picked up their cream blush in Neon Rose, which is a bright coral pink (more of pink, though). It comes in the same cute packaging (butterfly not included).


I’m currently loving Topshop’s Skin Tint which I bought last week. I don’t know if I can call it a tinted moisturizer, because there’s nothing on the packaging to suggest that it moisturizes. At the same time, its coverage is sheer – definitely not in the league of a foundation. So, what is it then? … Continue reading


Q is back from Sydney tonight!! His flight got delayed (apparently QF31 is notorious for that according to another friend) so instead of the original arrival time of 22:30, he’s expected to land at 23:11 according to the iChangi iPhone app. I’m typing this on my iPhone at Dôme Café which is at Terminal 1 … Continue reading

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