Peter Katz.

I had the luck (and privilege) of catching Peter Katz‘s last set at this year’s Music Matters Live concert. He had played 4 other sets on the first 2 days of the conference. For this fifth one at the main stage, he came on right after Sixx and I don’t know how he felt then, … Continue reading

Search Terms, Part II.

Second installment of the Search Terms Mini-Series! Let’s see what else you guys are searching for…. aarika lee 9 views, as of 20 Jan 2012. [edit: 10 views! missed out one for ‘aarika lee singer’] Aarik is the singer of Sixx. Again, if you’re a weird stalkerish fan you can follow her on twitter at … Continue reading

I Want You Again.

Nicholas Chim – I Want You Again MV from 29 Cornflakes on Vimeo. Move over, Damien Rice (and Lisa Hannigan). Allow me to introduce my friend Nick Chim to you guys. Nick is a very talented singer-songwriter (who used to play guitar in the band Vertical Rush (RIP)). I actually had no idea who he … Continue reading

Sixx at IGNITE! Music Festival 2011

Self-explanatory. If you’ve not heard of Sixx, you should slap yourself and watch this video immediately. Hi, I’m a link to the video. Please click me! (Sixx at IGNITE! Music Festival, 1st July 2011, Republic Polytechnic) Sixx is the best (and probably the only) hip-hop band in Singapore, JB and some say Batam. Ok I made … Continue reading

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